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[Taken from the official T.A.R. website] "The Action Report was started in 2007 as a tiny website by Justin Collett and Chad Pollman as a way to talk about the game we love. We both enjoy the side of the game that you won't see on ESPN. That is the side of the game where the best players go head to head in long format games playing winner take all. Action. What started with a few podcasts has become one of the most exciting things in pool thanks to the players, sponsors and most important the fans who make it all possible. TAR was not the first to do live streaming of pool matches but we like to think that we changed the game when it comes to what matches and events get seen by pool fans all over the world. We have produced [more than thirty] of our signature challenge matches as well as covered some of the largest events in the pool world. We are constantly striving to improve our technical ability and do the best we can for our customers, the players and sponsors."