Tiger Florida Tour

2009 - present

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[Taken from the official FBT website]

The Flamingo Billiards Tour is a stepping stone to the Women’s Professional Billiards Association for those women who desire to compete at the highest level.   However, not all FBT players desire to play professionally.   We have women of all skill levels who play on the FBT.  Some players simply enjoy playing the best women 9-Ball players in Florida, and others realize that one of the best ways to improve their game is to play against the best women 9-Ball players in the state. We also offer the Mini-Tour for women amateur players in South Florida.  Winners on the Mini-Tour receive a paid entry into a FBT event. The FBT also holds open tournaments – open to both men and women of all skill levels.  These events are non-points events for FBT members.

In 2014, the Flamingo Billiards Tour was rebranded as the Tiger Florida Tour.