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[Taken from the official tour website] For many years ending in 2007, there was a WPBA sanctioned regional 9 ball tour centered in Northern California called Western Women's Regional 9 Ball Tour. After a year without a functioning tour for women, in 2009 the West Coast Women's Regional 9-Ball Tour (WCWRT) was formed by a commitee of volunteers. This year (2010) we are delighted to welcome Tiger Products, manufacturer of quality pool products, as our tour sponsor. We will now be known as Tiger West Coast Women's Tour (TWCWT) although we are also keeping our original dba WCWRT for some business purposes. This tour is an officially sanctioned regional tour of the Women's Professional Billiards Association (WPBA). The members of the 2011 TWCWT Committee, all volunteers, are: Cony Mendoza, Tour Coordinator, Linda Silva, Tournament Director, Eleanor Callado, Treasurer / Website maintenance, Marilyn Boucher, Financial Secretary, and Christy Hawley, Sponsorships and Marketing. The purpose of the WCWRT is two-fold : first, to help grow the sport of women's pool by increasing and improving competitive pool opportunities for women players at all levels, and second, to provide a pathway to the pros for those women with the talent and desire to become players on the WPBA tour.