Trademark Rights Of Adam, Balabushka And Helmstetter Cue Lines Acquired

Robert Mallen, owner of G Cue Billiard Store of Tempe, Arizona, announced the acquisition of the Adam, Balabushka and Helmstetter trademark rights as of August 1, 2011.  Until the recent purchase, The Adam Cue Company was the sole company with the rights to the trademarks. 

Mr. Mallen brings 18 years of experience in the billiard industry as the owner of the G Cue Billiard Store in Tempe, Arizona, the TAP (The Association for Pool) Billiard League in Arizona and as a dedicated billiard player.  

As the exclusive manufacturer and licensee of the Adam, Balabushka and Helmstetter legendary brands, Mr. Mallen has plans to develop and expand the product line of merchandise for each entity.

Mr. Mallen states, "The Company will be distributing cues and additional products under the new name of "Balabushka Cue Company."