Tribute to Dave Bollman

Bollman aims V Strickland

My House Pro and close friend for 40 years was Mr. Dave Bollman, Mr. Perfection, passed away December 10th, 2013. It was a very sad day to experience the loss of such a great man.

Dave excelled in every aspect of his life from basketball to becoming the All-Navy Golfing Champion for two years running in 1970 and 1971 on the PGA Tour.

He excelled at anything athletic. In 1981 he was the third-highest ranked Professional American Pool Player.  That was in no way surprising. Dave could beat almost anyone almost all the time at whatever they wanted to try. He would take you on in pool, gin, poker, golf or whatever you chose to come with.

Now he belongs to an elite group who can say that when their time here is over that they met whatever challenges came their way in life head-on, never ducking and certainly never quitting.

Dave built by hand the pro shop which will always bear his name. His spirit still reigns there every time the lathe spins and the smell of leather and wood spill out into the room.

People came from a hundred miles away or more to have their cues repaired or to purchase one of Dave’s own custom cues known for their solid combination of beauty and performance.

He and I went back to 1971. The first week I went into business and a year later in 1972, Dave began as my, our House Pro. Our first exhibition was in 1972 with Luther “Wimpy” Lassiter playing two matches with Dave and in 1973 Dave played Willie Mosconi, also two exhibitions.

Dave was always included in every match or tournament I held throughout his entire life until the last match played in October at the U.S. Open.

Dave was a master of everything he decided to do because he did it all with extreme care. When he gave you your cue back repaired, it was as if it was new again.

We will be having a celebration of Dave’s life tomorrow at Q Masters in his Pro-shop from 5pm-8pm. Plenty of food and great conversation.

He will always be my “HOUSE PRO”.

Barry Behrman