Triple gold for team Europe

Sanjin Pehlivanovic, Kristina Tkach and Fedor Gorst
With gold medals in all three divisions, Team EUROPE did a miracle that no other team in the world has been able to achieve so far. Kristina Tkach, Sanjin Pehlivanovis and Fedor Gorst are the golden trios who will write their names in the European pool history.
Sanjin Pehlivanovic was the first to start final meeting in under 17 division against Robie James Capito from Hongkong. His opponent has already proved the ability to play at the highest level with wins against Wiktor Zielinski and Mustafar Alnar. The crowd expected the final meeting to be even, but Sanjin demonstrated the art of perfection with the zero-error offence and smart safety play whenever that was necessary. The final score was 9:1.
Kristina Tkach was expected to be a huge favourite in girls final meeting against her opponent Woojin Lee from South Korea. However, that was not a case since final was very even and both girls struggled to show their best game. With both huge emotional and physical effort Kristina was able to grind 9:6 victory over her opponent.
Fedor Gorst was the last from team Europe to enter the TV arena for the final match in under 19 division. Being a favourite against the Enkhbold Temuujin from Mongolia, Fedor showed his best game during the tournament. With his smashing break shots and precise jumps, Fedor once again confirmed that his high European ranking is not a coincidence.  With 11:3 victory Fedor not only has won his first world gold medal but also secured his place in Atlantic Challenge Cup tournament.