Tuesday at the U.S. Open

Day three at the U.S. Open concluded with not too many surprise, though there were some items of note. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day was when Daren Appleton conceded his match against Hsieh after he won the first three racks of the match and then watched Hsieh win seven games in a row. Appleton missed a shot into the corner pocket that should have been automatic for him and he unscrewed his stick, packed up his cues and walked out without saying a word. Since Appleton is known as a bulldog with no quit in him this came as quite a shock to the fans.

Though not unexpected for fans who know the international pool scene, the American crowd was still surprised to see Shane Van Boening fall 11-4 to Jung Lin Chang. No worries. Van Boening can travel a little farther road and still get where he wishes to go.

Brandon Shuff shone bright last night as he took dow the great Ching Shun Yang when he dominated the famous Taiwanese 11-6.

The matches just get better from here. For the best view please go to accu-stats.com and sign up to view the matches live. They have solved the technical issues of earlier in the week and the stream is now solid.