Turning Stone Classic Day Two Winds Down

Corey Deuel remains undefeated

Day two at the Turning Stone Classic XIII draws to a close with the field whittled down to just 48 players.

Top players still undefeated in this event include Johnny Archer, Shane Van Boening, Corey Deuel, Shawn Putnam, Oscar Dominguez, Charlie Bryant, Mike Davis, Robb Saez, Karen Corr and Jeremy Sossei.

This venue brings back fond memories for Sossei and he is playing like he is right at home again this time. After a 9-1 dismantling of Thorsten Hohmann, Sossei went on to defeat Shaun Wilkie 9-6 and will face Robb Saez on Saturday. Saez has also been on a tear this week as he came back from a 5-1 deficit to Charlie Williams and won the match 9-6. Saez topped that victory off with a 9-4 win over Gabe Owen.

Players still fighting it out on the one loss side include Dennis Hatch, Charlie Williams, Joe Tucker, Yu Ram Cha, Brandon Shuff, Stevie Moore and Gabe Owen.

You can watch featured matches from this event all weekend long at www.azbtv.com and you can see the online brackets at www.totalpool.info.