Turning Stone Classic XV 9-Ball Open

The Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour's $25,000 Added Turning Stone Classic XV 9-Ball Open will take place on August 19-22 at the beautiful Turning Stone Resort & Casino. (Verona NY-- www.turningstone.com ). This great event will once again consist of a full field of 128 of some of the worlds best players. Some of the headline players include, 5 time Turning Stone Classic Champion Johnny Archer. The current Pro Player Of The Year, Mika Immonen. Former Turning Stone Classic Champion and Gold Medalist, Ralf Souquet. And the list goes on.
 To view the list, along with our new 2010/2011 season schedule, go to www.joss9balltour.com
 Once again spectator admission for this world class event will be FREE. Not only is admission FREE, but Turning Stone will be giving away 250, $5.00 free play and 250, $5.00 match play coupons Each day of the event for a total give away of $10,000!! Only 1 coupon per person per day will be honored. Also, Turning Stone now sells adult beverages facility wide for your pleasure.
 The Event Center at Turning Stone is one of the best venues for a major tournament such as ours that you will ever find. There are NO bad seats, and the layout allows you to mingle with all of the players, giving you the feeling of being part of the action yourself. Will we also be giving away a limited number of collectable posters so you can get your favorite player's autograph. There is also a complete full service snack bar right in the arena serving all your favorites. While there, you will even be able to pick up some wanted billiard supplies or have on site work done on your cue.
 So come to Turning Stone Resort & Casino, August 19-22, for a great experience and 4 full days of some of the best pool you will ever witness. If for some reason you are unable to make it, there will be a live stream and live scoring courtesy of www.azbilliards.com  
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