Turning Stone Day Three Complete

Raj Hundal

The Turning Stone Classic XI is now down to just eight players who will fight it out on Sunday for first place.

On the winners side, Charlie Williams will face Generationpool.com Champion Jeremy Jones and Raj Hundal will face Francisco Bustamante.

Meanwhile, on the one loss side, Shane Van Boening will take on Stevie Moore and Johnny Archer will play Jonathan Pinegar.

The day was a tough one for some players. Tony Crosby won three straight matches on the one loss side before losing to Shane Van Boening. Van Boening was looking good on the winners side until Charlie Williams beat him 9-6.

Shawn Putnam squeaked out a 9-8 win over Jeremy Sossei and then bulldozed through Michael Wong, Oscar Dominguez and Jose Parica before losing to Johnny Archer.

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