Turning Stone Final Day

Oscar Dominguez

Turning Stone has a history of surprises and this edition is no exception to that rule.  We are down to only eight players left alive and some big names are not on that list. The biggest one is Thorsten Hohmann, who had won his last four events including the World 9-Ball Championship, prior to coming to Verona. Hohmann was playing very well until yesterday when he just could not seem to get into his super-top gear.

His confidence may have taken a blow early in the day when Martin Daigle ended his totally dominating performances of earlier in the week by making Hohmann work for a 9-7 win. Then he lost a double-hill thriller to Jeremy Sossei after leading Sossei 5-0. Sossei is a 'Grinder' who never gives up. He dug in his heels, began playing great safeties as required, and just clawed his way back into the match. When he broke the final rack he wound up with a shot on the one ball and, that done, then a rudimentary 2-9 carom as the 9-ball was resting near the corner pocket. He deposited that and Hohmann was moved over to the one-loss side.
Once there Hohmann had to face a very tough Oscar Dominguez. Dominguez tells us he has recently found a combination of cue and tip that has him shooting comfortably for the first time in a couple of years. His confidence and supreme skills let him take down the World Champ 9-6 and lands him in the final eight.
Earl Strickland is also on the one-loss side after a very cool Brandon Shuff knocked him out of the winner's bracket 9-4. Shuff has had it together all week. He defeated Karen Corr one round after Corr defeated Dennis Hatch on the hill. When we spoke with Corr she said that the difference between Hatch and Shuff was that Hatch would sometimes take a flyer on a tough shot and give her opportunities, but Shuff played a conservative game that left her no air.
Today our match-ups on the one-loss side are Karen Corr versus Earl Strickland and Oscar Dominquez versus Dennis Hatch. Hatch is still trying to capture his first Turning Stone title, an elusive goal for him that is also something of a mystery as he has dominated other Joss Tour events.
On the winner's side we find two new names. Jeremy Sossei plays one of them, Joey Dupuis. Dupuis has been a giant-killer this week as he shot down Rodney Morris (9-8) and Ernesto Dominguez (9-7). Our other right-side match is Brandon Shuff facing Dany Normandin of Canada. Normandin has defeated Oscar Dominguez (9-8), and Cleiton Rocha (9-6) this week and is a very confidant young man.
So the stage is set. Will Dennis Hatch finally capture the elusive Turning Stone, or perhaps will we have a newcomer take down his first major title? By the end of today the drama will have concluded and the new Champion crowned. For live scoring and brackets and to see the free live stream of this event by Accu-Stats, just click HERE.