Two in a row for Paglia in Arizona

Angel Paglia

18 Women came to Bull Shooters to play in this AWBT 9-Ball Tournament! In addition to the money, the ladies were participating in a points race to earn a top 10 ranking which would entitle them to an invite to the WPBA Regional Tour Championship.  With only 3 stops left this season, points earned were more crucial than ever, which left everyone jockeying for position!

The top 8 emerged on Sunday.  On the A side was Heather Torpin vs. Susan Wilbur and Darlene Stinson vs. Ashea Erdahl.  On the B side were Cheryl Walters vs. Stacy Novack and Susan Williams vs. Angel Paglia.  Heather and Ashea won their matches and met up in the hot-seat match.  It was a close hill-hill match but Heather came out victorious and earned the hot-seat.  

This left Ashea to play Angel in the-semi final match. After the first 8 games, the score was tied 4-4.  But then Angel quickly won the next three games and won the match 7 to 4!

Angel went on to play Heather in the finals!  Since this was a true double elimination format, Angel would have to beat Heather in two sets of a race to 7.  The first set was all Angel, she shot with an amazing 97% accuracy (Missed 1 ball the whole set) and won the set 7-0!  The second set started and this time Heather made it on the board first.  Angel dominated the next 6 games which got her on the hill first with the score 6-1.  Then in game 8, a miscue on the 7-ball by Angel allowed Heather to capitalize on a 3 ball out which made the score 6-2.  Then in a split second, Angel snapped the 9-ball on the break and won the match 7-2!  Congratulations to Heather for an awesome 2nd place finish.  And Congratulations to Angel Paglia for her 2nd win in a row!    

The free second chance tournament was held on Sunday and 10 women came back to play!  Congratulations to Susan Mello for 1st and $40 and to Melinda Huang for 2nd and $25.

The AWBT also held a raffle for a gorgeous J. Pechauer Custom Cue valued at $500!  Congratulations to the winner Allen Williams!  We’re so happy for you!  Thanks to everyone for purchasing tickets!  Thanks to your support, we raised $337 for the AWBT points fund!

A HUGE thanks to John Casey and the staff of A+ Rating System!  They came out, tracked some of the matches and provided statistics to the ladies.  They also scored the final match and provided all statistics mentioned above for us!

Another HUGE thanks to Mike, Julie, Lisa, Brook, Toby, Geebo, Dusty, Andy and all the other folks at Bull Shooters!  If any of you haven’t been there, you should really stop and check it out!  Their tables are always in terrific condition in fact, they just recovered most of their 9-foot tables!  Their food is amazing and their staff is unbeatable!  

We look forward to seeing all of you at AWBT’s next stop which will be a $500 added WPBA Qualifier at Pockets, Tucson on August 15th & 16th and presented by J. Pechauer Custom Cues!  The Qualifier will be for the WPBA Pacific Coast Classic. See ya there!