Two New International Pocket Billiard Events Announced for 2011

WPA President Ian Anderson today announced the successful conclusion of discussions with organizers in the Middle East that have resulted in the creation of two new International WPA Ranking events.

In the Spring of 2011 the new Dubai Open will mark its initiation and then later in the year the Emir Cup will be played in Doha, Qatar. These two new events highlight the surge in popularity that the game of pocket billiards enjoys in the region.

WPA President Ian Anderson said: “The WPA feels itself quite fortunate to be aligned with organizers of such high quality. We look forward to the opening of these two new events with a great deal of excitement and wish to thank them for the opportunities that their efforts are creating for professional billiard players and their fans.”

More details on these events, including field sizes, purses and dates will be forthcoming.