U.S. Open 30 Days Out, Parking Info & More

Hello everyone. We just want you to know that everything is looking extremely good and to give you some new details. The field will fill, the Sheraton Hotel is filling up, VIP seats will, although not yet, be sold out. We are very sure everyone will be very happy with each and every seat, vendors are coming through and a few more spots are available.

Vendors: You’re going to have so many new customers beginning this year and here’s why: this year’s 40th is going to be the best yet as 25,000 people work right across the street and all will know about the U.S. Open. Another 50,000 people plus live within walking distance and the vendors space is one very long and very wide hallway leading to the entrance of the 14,000 square foot ballroom, almost the size of the Conference Center and isn’t that wonderful.

Sponsors: There are still opportunities to be a Co-Title Sponsor along with Simonis Cloth, Aramith Billiard Balls, and Diamond Billiard Products as well as “The T.V. Arena” sponsorship and the 2x3 foot advertisement panels of which there are only 6 of the12 remaining in the T.V. arena. Contact us at qmasters5612@gmail.com or call Roberta Monday-Friday from 9:30am-5:30pm EST at 757-963-7649.

Parking: Those who will be parking overnight in the garage, which is only a ½ block away, will only have to pay $5.00 total and not the usual $12.00. The best part is if anyone does not wish to walk the ½ block from the parking garage then just pull up front and get out as they will park your vehicle and then when you’re ready to leave they will drive you over in one of the several enclosed little buses and drop you off at your car. For our local Hampton Roads fans, there are also 80 spots in VIP parking by the entrance to the Sheraton and those coming for the day or night the fee will only be $1.00 per hour.

Again, while negotiating back in November 2014, everything I asked for such as low room rates at $89.00 per night, low food such as lunch for $7.00 and includes a sandwich, chips, and soda, along with a stupendous dinner buffet just like we had at the Chesapeake conference Center which includes everything for a flat $15.00. All beers and mixed beverages will also be at a low price. Now that we have a 14,000 square foot ballroom, twice the size as the past 2 years, the concessions will be similar to the Conference Center in the ballroom again and “How sweet it is”.  Last year we had 26 of the top 32 ranked players and we are on a mission to have all 32 which we will be working on this week.

Again, thank you Pat Fleming for “saving” the Open and since you’ve done a great job you’re hired every year. It’s great having the $75,000.00 added money secured which will be done each year and the 5% W.P.A. sanction fee of $3,750.00 will not come out of the prize money which almost every other promoter surely does.

International Players: This being a tier 2 W.P.A. points event is why we will be having the world’s greatest players as by being tier 2 enables federations from around the globe to help and assist with player’s expenses.

There are many places to walk to, many places to see, right across the street and so is Bank of America which is set up to cash all checks for our players. Norfolk also now has a light rail which will take you from the Sheraton to Q-Master Billiards so no need to worry about drinking and driving.

I’ve assembled the best staff ever for this milestone year as I’m a big pool fan who was only able to watch entirely one match last year between Earl Strickland and Shane Van Boening but this year my goal is also to enjoy watching the world’s greatest players a lot more and to hopefully be in the best mood ever.

Champions Roast: A lot of goodness is in store for the 40th Anniversary of the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships. Wednesday at the end of the afternoon session from 4:30pm-6:30pm we will have a U.S. Open Champions Roast with a lot of “toasty” info you may not know but I do and there will be lots of laughter. This will be held in the players practice room with plenty of seating for all to enjoy the dinner buffet for $15.00 with no charge for laughing so hard at our numerous roasters. Then just before the 7:00pm evening matches I’ll be eager to have our every 5 years of parading out all men’s U.S. Open Champions.

BCA Hall of Fame: The BCA Hall of Fame Induction dinner and ceremony will be held on Thursday at 5:00pm. So make certain you are a part of this history and purchase your seats now at: www.USBMA.com/HallofFame2015 or by calling 312-341-1110 ext. 2004. Seats are only $55 and that covers your dinner as well as the ceremony.

VIP Arena Seating: We are on “short time” so remember not to wait til the last minute to get a seat as out of 246 seats there are only 80 left.

Press Passes: I advertise only with Billiards Digest for one month with one full page ad in the trade show issue. That's all I can afford. I hope "the Press" understands and what I will be able to do is, for those established magazines with credentials, offer up to 2 general admission Press Passes for $50.00 each for the entirety of the event.