U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship Status Report

As of today, July 27, 2015, the requirements necessary for WPA sanctioning of the 2015 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship has been fulfilled.  The required $75,000 in added money is now accounted for and approved by Accu-Stats Video Productions and the WPA.  All prize monies will be paid from the Bank of America escrow account in Norfolk, Virginia.  This awards the event a “WPA Tier 2” status which encourages worldwide participation.  
The Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel is also ready to provide the necessary space and comforts at discounted rates for the tournament contestants as well as attendees.  To reserve hotel rooms, call 757-622-6664.  Use code “USOPEN” for the $89 room rate.  See your savings by going to sheratonnorfolkwaterside.com to compare the rates for everyone else!  The city of Norfolk is also a sponsor in this event and looks forward to everyone’s arrival.
The seating is spread through four undivided convention rooms, similar to the Conference Center in Chesapeake.  The TV Arena will be centered in the spacious ballroom.  VIP and General Admission seats are now open to the general public through ticketfly.com.
Go to http://www.usopen9ballchampionships.com/fans.php for ticket purchases.
Norfolk attractions you should consider while in town:
American Rover Sailing Cruise
Chrysler Museum of Art
Chrysler Museum Glass Studio
d’ART Center
Hampton Roads Naval Museum
Hermitage Museum & Gardens
Hunter House Victorian Museum
MacArthur Memorial
Moses Myers House
Nauticus/Battleship Wisconsin
Naval Station Norfolk Tour
Norfolk Botanical Garden
Norfolk History Museum
Norfolk Fire-Rescue Museum
Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church
Spirit of Norfolk
Victory Rover Naval Base Cruise
Virginia Zoo
Go to Accu-Stats.com to pay entry fees.
All entry fees are escrowed by Accu-Stats.
All prize monies will be paid by Accu-Stats.
To reserve hotel rooms, call 757-622-6664.
To purchase seating tickets, go to http://www.usopen9ballchampionships.com/fans.php.
To reserve BCA Hall of Fame Dinner tickets, call 312-341-1110 ext 2004.
Any questions regarding this report should be directed to Pat Fleming.
Phone: 973-838-7089
Email: patscue@yahoo.com