U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships Sponsorship Packages Available

Shannon and I just want to make certain that everyone knows we can still meet their marketing goals in pool with sponsorship packages from the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships. We have Title, Arena and a few TV panels left at this time.

Title Sponsor means welcome to "Your Company Name"U.S. Open, commercials, signage and more for a total of only $20,000.00. We have more television coverage than ever before going to markets all over the world.

            Also, arena sponsorship means welcome to the U.S. Open and we are in the "Your Company Name"arena. This also includes signage, mentions, and more for only $5,000.00 and the arena will be featured in all broadcasts from the event.

            Lastly, there are only 3-4 panels in the arena, 2x3 foot, left for only $1,000.00 to include your artwork. There are also only a couple of vendor spots remaining which are $500.00 for an 8 foot or $800.00 for a 16 foot, the lowest prices in the world.


Thank You,

Barry Behrman and Shannon Paschall

email: usopen9ball@yahoo.com