U.S. Open 9-Ball Info From Barry and Shannon

Shannon and I are working hard for the next U.S. Open, especially since we are moving to the new Holiday Inn , three blocks from Q-Master Billiards. Please check out the website if you have not already, www.hivabeachnorfolk.com.

We got the lowest rates possible at only $79.00 per night, use code USO when reserving. In addition to the low nightly rates, we also have demanded low food and beverages prices, as we have always have and will continue to have, just for you, our players and fans. You're the best!

Right now we are working to raise the added money from $50,000.00 to $72,000.00, equaling a total purse of $200,200.00 paying down to 96 places and that will ensure a full field of 256 players. 

Here would be the breakdown...

1st place $40,000.00
2nd place $20,000.00
3rd place $10,000.00
4th place $8,000.00
5th & 6th place $6,500.00
7Th & 8th place $5,000.00
9Th - 12th place $3,500.00
13Th - 16th place $2,500.00
17th -24th place $2,000.00
25Th - 32nd place $1,500.00
33Rd - 48th place $1,000.00
49Th - 64th place $750.00
65th -96th place $600.00

We will know and have all the details very soon. This is our goal and we are just about sure all will be well, but we must be very sure about sponsorships and other finances to guarantee our goal. We can only make this happen if we can afford to do so.