U.S. Open Completes Day Three

With few exceptions the normal heroes are proceeding as they should at this stage through the brackets of the U.S. Open. One of the exceptions is Scott Frost, who became violently ill yesterday and had to forfeit out of the tournament. There is a cold virus making its way through the southland and it hit Scott like a sledgehammer. One moment he was fine and an hour later he was sick as a dog. (Don't know how that phrase came about. My dogs are always healthy.)

Nick Van Den Berg is on the charts but he was unable to get here due to flight difficulties out of Europe. But fellow Euro Nikos Ekonomopoulis is doing just fine. He won his first match 11-zip and faces local player Eric Moore today.

Earl Strickland is, as always, shooting like he invented the game. He took down a very tough Mario Morra (multi-time Canadian Champion) 11-4 and fired one of the best jump shots in that match that this reporter has ever witnessed. The object ball was only a foot away from the cue ball with a ball between them and EaR. Hopped right over it, fired the object ball into the side pocket and stuck the cue ball where it landed for shape on the next ball.

And then there is Monica Webb. She is truly in the zone this week and has now eunuched two men by a total scoreline of 22-6. But her hill gets very tall today as she has to take on Mosconi Cup member Karl Boyes.

Things begin to get very interesting today as the big guns begin running into each other throughout the room. There are too many big matches to mention. Just go here to check out the brackets and choose your favorites. The live stream here from Accu-Stats is flawless as usual and may be found here.