U.S. Open Concludes Today

The U.S. Open began last Sunday with 148 players. The field has now been winnowed down to only four men left standing. Two on the one-loss side and two who have yet to meet defeat. On the one-loss side we have Shane Van Boening and Dennis Orcullo.

Van Boening arrived at the far left end by using Friday to take down Alex Pagulayan 11-9 and Jeremy Jones 11-5. Orcullo booked his slot by ending the runs of Yu Lung Chang 11-5 and David Alcaide 11-10.

On the winners side we still have Jayson Shaw and Jung Lin Chang. Chang arrived at the far right outpost by besting Brandon Shuff 11-6 and Jeremy Jones 11-9. Shaw took out Ko Pin Yi 11-10 and then David Alcaide 11-6 to grab his seat.

At 1 PM today both brackets play when Shaw faces Chang and Van Boening faces off against Dennis Orcullo. The loser between Shaw and Chang will face the winner between Van Boening and Orcullo. Then, at 3 PM, the semifinals between those two will take place. Our final race to thirteen games will take place at 7 PM and all of this may be viewed live on Accu-Stats.com.