U.S. Open Offers Early Bird Special

Next Monday August 12th our escrow account along with the ABP will contain our minimum added money of $50,000.00. This will grow to $60,000.00 with 225 players.
As of now thru August 31st, we will also give players the opportunity to save $100 and pay only a $400 entry. We will pay the other $100 gladly.
We are very happy to say that we are now less than 67 days away and can hardly wait knowing just how sweet this year will be for our sponsors, the world’s greatest players and fans of the game and vendors. We have a lot of pleasantries lined up as you will see.
To the vendors, we assure you that there will be no space available by the end of this month due to our floorplan which is better for you than ever before. People must walk pass your booth for tickets and the restrooms. Concessions will be located in the middle of the 100 foot hallway outside the ballroom.
Lastly, and always, we thank all of our sponsors who make the Official Products of the U.S. Open: Diamond Billiard Products, Simonis Cloth,  and Aramith Billiard Balls. We are also grateful to Accu-Stats Video Production and the Marriott Hotel.
It’s getting closer by the day! See Ya Soon!