U.S. Open On Schedule For Best Event Ever

Hello world, I would like to add more very good news to Mr. Pat Fleming’s wonderful press release. As everyone knows Pat has opened an escrow account with Bank of America in New Jersey for the added funds of $75,000.00 to go into as well as all player entry fees.

My agreement with the W.P.A. (World Pool Association) is to be sure the added money will be completely secured with Pat 90 days prior. It's not out of the question that June 15th, 125 days prior would be the new target date. What will happen by doing so is to help secure the great field of the top worldwide ranked players. Last October we had 26 of the top 32 and now being able to have the added money secured even much earlier can and will bring maybe all top 32 W.P.A. ranked players. Can you imagine that? Wow!

Here is how we're able to have all of the added money by June 15th.  We will be selling 250 VIP seats, more than ever before.  With Mr. Ivan Lee, President of Simonis Cloth and Aramith Billiard Balls, as our "Title Sponsor", and with additional sponsors like Pepsi Bottling and the "Visit Norfolk Foundation", we are right on track for reaching our goal. So for the sake of securing more top world class players is why it’s very important for all of us to do our diligence by reserving your VIP seat or seats prior to June 15th. Roberta has called many thus far and she said not one said they were not coming and that’s a blessing and very much appreciated.

My downfall several years, not all, has been my trying and wanting to do more financially for the players. No offense to bowling but they are making a lot more money than professional men and women pool players. I’m happy for all bowlers but, with saying that, watching as well as playing the game of pool is far more exciting as most would agree. So for the players, the 40th Anniversary, the fantastic fans who have been coming for decades through it all; let’s just please go forward rather than backwards. This especially applies to the forums as now that Mr. Pat Fleming, who has been by my side no matter what for 33 years, as well as our super vendors such as Joe Blackburn, Mike Capone, Dave Jacoby, and Joe Salazar. Hopefully Keith Josey will return this year as well as BeBob Publications and many more every year will make this year’s milestone 40th be possibly the best year ever. Active past champions, don’t forget to proudly wear your green jackets!

We are also pleased to let everyone know that we will be using Chris Renfro’s Outsville, Inc. American made Accu-Rack Diamond 9 template as the official racking template of the 2015 US Open 9-Ball Championships.

I talk with Shane Van Boening very often and I want you all to know he’s “On a mission from God” to 4-peat and has said many times this is what he thinks about every single day and I am again quoting his words.

VIP seat holders who had a seat or seats from last October, you have until this Friday May 22nd to purchase the same seat or seats then all remaining VIP seats are wide open for all who desire coming this October 25-30, Sunday through Friday’s final day to avoid Halloween on Saturday October 31st. The floor plan is without a doubt the very best ever by having here 3 weeks ago Pat, Julian, Keith (the architect), and Brandon from Commonwealth Events meeting on site to be 100% very sure we got it right and it is very much so.

It is a new day in Norfolk for the U.S. Open and we will now be on track, on schedule and on time with every aspect of the Open.

Roberta can be reached at 757-963-7649 Monday through Friday from 9:30am-5:30pm EST for any questions you may have.

God Bless You All,