U.S. Open Opens Field to more players

Can Shane Van Boening match Nick Varner's feat of a back-to-back win?

Due to rumors of the World 9-ball championships possibly being cancelled, The U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships has opened the field to give all the great players from America and all over the world the opportunity to play in this year's U.S. Open.  

Players, you must have your $600.00 entry fee paid by October 12th, 2008 to avoid the $50.00 late fee.  So please be sure to get it in on time.

In the event of the field exceeding 256 players, matches will still be held at the normal times of 11, 1, 3 & 7, 9, 11. Pre-designated loser bracket matches will be played at Q-master Billiards in order to stay on “cue” with all scheduled matches on Tuesday, Wednesday and possibly Thursday at 11, 1 and 3.  Matches will be determined by the flow chart prior to the draw.  The final day will begin at 1 p.m. and conclude with the finals beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Of course, more players means more money added to the purse!  All additional entries will be added to the total prize fund amount.

Example 1
300 Players adds $26,400.00 to the purse and will pay up to 128 players.
Example 2
400 Players adds $86,400.00 to the purse!

We are looking forward to the 33rd Annual U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships! Thank you for your continued dedication and support throughout the years. We are excited to see if Shane Van Boening can repeat as Champion.  Nick Varner is the only U.S. Open Champion in history to have achieved two consecutive championships in 1989-1990.