U.S. Open Restructures Prize Fund


The US Open is quickly approaching and will be here before we know it.  We are committed to improving the event each year.  In order to do so, we will be restructuring the prize fund to pay all of our foreign and American players deeper.  In addition, we will be adding $50,000.00 regardless of a full field or not, although we do expect a full field of 256 players since we have worked out a resolution with the ABP, thanks to the assistance from the BCA.  In regards to the Prize fund we are going to reduce first prize to $30,000.00 and going to spread the $10,000.00 among the remaining players.  We have always been firm believers that the more people you pay, the more that return the following year.  So, here is the breakdown for the 2011 US Open prize fund:

Total Purse- $178,000.00

1st  $30,000
2nd  $15,000
3rd  $10,000
4th  $8000
5-6th Each  $6000
7-8th Each  $4500
9-12th Each  $3000
13-16th Each  $2500
17-24th Each  $2000
25-32nd Each  $1500
33-48th Each  $1000
49-64th Each  $750
65-96th Each  $500
*This includes past champions paid entry fees.

Also, if you are interested in being a vendor at this year's event, please email us at usopen9ball@yahoo.com as we have only a few spots remaining.
Reach millions of potential customers through our pay-per view and television broadcasts.  We have 5; 2'x3' arena panels remaining out of the 10 available.  They are $1000 each and the price includes your artwork.
We look forward to seeing everyone in October!

Barry and Shannon