U.S. Open to Seek New Venue for 2013

The U.S. Open will not be returning to the Holiday Inn Virginia Beach for the 2013 event. In a conversation with Barry Behrman he told AZB: "Shannon and I have never worked this hard before. The logistics involved in the multi-room venue were greater than we could have possibly envisioned. As always, we asked our players, fans and players for feedback and they have all told us they wish to go back to a large ballroom where everyone is together within a single set of walls."

"We have many important factors that we will be working within as we seek a new venue. But it is very important for us to stay in the city of Virginia Beach. The city and the mayor, Will Sessoms, have been excellent to work with and they have earned our loyalties. So, while the Holiday Inn this year was a great hotel with fine amenities we will be spending the next few weeks seeking a hotel with a ballroom large enough to stage the entire event in a single room. Once we have secured such a site we will be releasing the news to everyone so that our fans can begin making their plans for 2013."

"Shannon and I wish to thank everyone for their support and continued loyalty to our event. We just want you all to know that we hear you and we will always seek to do what is best for everyone involved in this annual celebration of the worlds' greatest players."