U.S. Open Update

There are only 8 undefeated players left as we begin Friday play in Chesapeake. Those who have not yet tasted loss are:  Yukio Akakariyama, Shawn Putnam, Johnny Archer, Darren Appleton, Kenichi Uchigaki ,Larry Nevel, Alex Pagulayan and Huidje See.

Those with only one bullet left are: Jonathan Pinegar who will play Niels Feijen with the winner going against Warren Kiamco, Stephan Cohen who will face Mitch Ellerman with the winner entertaining Rodney Morris, Stan Shuffet against Daryl Peach to determine who plays Antonio Lining, Charlie WIlliams and Nick Varner fighting for the opportunity to take on Dennis Haar, Phil Burford and Naoyuki Oi will play for the chance to go against Lee Van Corteza, Dennis Hatch and Grover Foster will battle it out to see who gets Mark Gray, Jonathan Pinegar will find himself against Niels Feijen for the honor of taking on Warren Kiamco and Stephan Cohen and Mitch Ellerman will duke it out to see who gets to play Rodney Morris.

Play begins at 11 AM with Jonathan Pinegar playing Niels Feijen on the Accu-Stats feature table. Check out the stream at www.accu-stats.com.