U.S. Open VIP Tickets Now Available


The design of the TV Room at the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships has now been completed and so the VIP tickets for this room are now available for purchase. To choose your seats and to claim them for your own just go the the event website at http://www.usopen9ballchampionships.com/fans.php and choose the seats you want. Then just click on Get Your Seat at the end of the text box and you can make them your own in just a coupe of clicks!

The seat prices run from General Admission for only $120 for the entire week to a Super Premium section with excellent views of the entire room for $500 for the entire week. The regular VIP seats run anywhere from $120 to $200 depending upon the number of days you plan to visit.

All the details you need are ready for you at: http://www.usopen9ballchampionships.com
We look forward to seeing you at our brand-new venue! Check out this beautiful hotel and convention area at: http://www.hivabeachnorfolk.com/