U.S. Stumbles at Team Cup

U.S. Stumbles at Team Cup

Day two of the 2003 Rockport World Pool-Billiard Continental Team Cup saw the U.S. team lose both of their matches miserably and fall to last place in their group of teams.

The day got started on a good note for the U.S. team when Charlie Williams defeated Francisco Bustamante 7-3 in the first match. Things got ugly after that as the U.S. team lost their next four matches to drop to 1-1 in their division.

The second match for the U.S. team was no better as they were only able to pull out a 7-5 win in one of the doubles matches and lost the other four. The two losses on Saturday left the U.S. team with one match win and a last place finish.

The U.S. Team accepted their loss with composure and said they would be eager to play again next season.

The Asian B Team's 4-1 win over the U.S. team propelled them into second place in their division and earned them a spot in the second stage along with Europe A team.

The other round robin group of teams saw the Europe B Team and the Chinese Taipei A team advance into the next stage.

Day Two Match Results:

Asian A Team Canada
Young Hwa Jeong 3:7 Alex Pagalayan
Akimi Kajitani 7:4 Catherine Garon
Efern Reyes & Ji Won Hyun 7: 2 Alex Pagulayan & Anita K. Mcmahon
Takashi Uraoka & Akimi Kajitani 2:7 Luc Salvas & Catherine Garon
Efren Reyes 7:3 John Horsfall

Asian A Team vs. Chinese Taipei A
Takashi Uraoka 5:7 Kun-fang Lee
Akimi Kajitani 2:7 Shin-mei Liu
Efren Reyes & Ji Won Hyun 7:6 Hui-kai Hsia & Shin-mei Liu
Young Hwa Jeong & Akimi Kajitani 4:7 Pei-wei Chang & Jui-fanf Fan
Efren Reyes 6:7 Hui-kai Hsia

Europe B Team vs. Canada
Ralf Souquet 5:7 Alex Pagulayan
Franziska Stark 6:7 Anita K. McMahon
Mika Immonen & Franziska Stark 6:7 Luc Salvas & Catherine Garon
Niclas Bergendorff & Julie Kelly 7:4 John Horsfall & Anita K. McMahon
Mika Immonen 6:7 Luc Salvas

Europe A Team vs. Chinese Taipei B Team
Thorsten Hohmann 7:6 Hua-fong Wang
Karen Corr 6:7 Chun-chen Chen
Oliver Orrmann & Karen Corr 7: 3 Tung-yu Yang & Chun-chen Chen
Thorsten Hohmann & Sandra Ortner 2:7 Hua-fong Wang & Yin-ya Lin
Tom Storm 5:7 Ching-shun Yang

USA vs. Asian B Team
Charlie Williams 7:3 Francisco Bustamante
Megan Minerich 4:7 Kim Ga Young
Megan Minerich & Max Eberle 1: 7 Francisco Bustamante & Kim Ga Young
Ming Ng & Charlie Williams 4:7 Park Shin Young & Makiko Takage
Rodney Morris 4:7 Akikumo Toshikawa

USA vs. Europe A
Rodney Morris 5:7 Thorsten Hohmann
Ming Ng 2:7 Karen Corr
Max Eberle & Ming Ng 5:7 Karen Corr & Tom Storrm
Rodney Morris & Megan Minerich 7:5 Oliver Ortmann & Sandra Ordner
Charlie Williams 0:7 Tom Storm