Ultimate 10-Ball, a Different Breed of Tournament

The Ultimate 10-Ball Championships, to be held June 16 -20 at the Harrahs Hotel and Casino in Tunica, MS, is a very different event for the USA.

To begin with, this tournament is actually two tournaments. One is a WPBA Classic Tour stop for the ladies. The other is both a WPA World Ranking  and BCA Professional Ranking Points event. The promoter of the event, Badi Nazhat (an American Army veteran of Desert Storm), has made this as fan-friendly as possible. For those who can attend in person the event offers free entry, comfortable seating, and door prizes and giveaways from our supporting companies. For those who cannot attend in person there will be a free live stream of two tables provided by Ray Hansen of PoolActionTV.com. Every table will be live-scored and brackets will be automatically updated so everyone can follow the progress of their favorite players in real time. The scoring and brackets are provided by AZB and are available here on our website or on the Official Tournament Website.

Additionally, the Tournament offers Ken Shuman as Tournament Director and John Leyman as Co-Director. There will be white-gloved referees overseeing the action and the WPA Sports Director, Anamaria Matesic from Croatia, will be present to govern the event. There is a strict dress code in effect that includes the standard WPBA Classic Tour requirements for the ladies and dress shirts, slacks, shoes and vest (waistcoat) for the men. This will be an all-balls foul event so the vest will come in handy as well as assisting in keeping the atmosphere of the event at the professional level.

Daily media coverage will be provided to all media outlets with timely stories by the AZB staff and photography by JP Parmentier, the world-renown billiards and carom photographer from Paris, France, whose work has appeared in every billiard publication around the world. The equipment includes Diamond Pro-Am Tournament tables covered with Simonis 860 cloth utilizing Aramith Pro Cup balls and Master Sky Blue Chalk. There will be concession service just outside the tournament room and you can visit the Harrah's website to consider their other dining options.

The goal of this event is to promote and widen the horizons of pool. Everything is being done to share this event with as many people as possible. The supporters who have gathered together to participate in this event include those firms without whom pro pool in the USA could not exist. This tournament wishes to honor the firms that have promoted professional pool many times over the years, often for purely altruistic reasons. These companies are among the firms who have always striven to increase the exposure of the game and they deserve the support of those who wish to see the game flourish. These firms include: Simonis Cloth, Aramith Balls, CSI, Predator and Poison Cues, Lucasi Hybrid Cues, the APA, Fury Cues, McDermott Cues, Viking Cues, Master Chalk, Seyberts, Muellers, Atlas Billiard Supply, OBCues, Diamond Billiard Products and AZBilliards.

The location and dates of this event are serving all the fans, sponsors and players as well. June 16th is the Players Meeting, Play begins at 9AM on the 17th and the event ends on the 20th. The very next day the great Southern Classic hosted by Diamond Billiards begins in the same venue. Everyone gets two huge events on only a single air ticket.

Mr. Nazhat invites you to attend.