Ultimate 10-Ball Day Two Complete

Angel Paglia

Day two at the Ultimate 10-Ball Championship saw enough action and eliminations for a week of pool.

The men's field of 93 players is now down to just twelve players with four of them undefeated. Winners side matches will feature Mike Dechaine vs Jeremy Jones and Darren Appleton vs Jason Klatt. Meanwhile, still dangerous on the left side of the board are such notables as Charlie Williams, Jesse Engel, Dennis Hatch, Rodney Morris and Oscar Dominguez.

Meanwhile, the ladies division is now down to six players with Angel Paglia taking on Allison Fisher for the hot-seat. One loss side matches are Monica Webb vs Kelly Fisher and Line Kjoersvik vs Vivian Villarreal.

Our coverage of the event includes real time scoring and online brackets. The official tournament website includes two online streaming tables.