Ultimate 10 Ball Day Two

Rodney Morris (USA)

Day three of the Ultimate 10-Ball Championships at Harrah's in Tunica, Mississippi kicks off today with the winner's side offering one feature matchup after another. For the ladies we find Allison Fisher facing Jai Li, Monica Webb against Karen Corr, Jennifer Chen will battle Line Kjoersvik and Jasmin Ouschan is staring across the table at Ga-Young Kim.


There are eight match-ups on the winner's side for the men. Defending champion Mike Dechaine versus Jason Klatt, Mika Immonen against the new Euro Mosconi Cup member Nikos Ekonomopoulos, Jeremy Sossei will be challenged by Thorsten Hohmann, Darren Appleton takes on countryman Phil Burford, Albin Ouschan will try to capture Alex Pagulayan, Niels Feijen faces Chris Bartram, Can Wang will take on Justin Bergman in a battle of youth and Shane Van Boening will be challenging Carlo Biado.


The tournament has been remarkably shy of hitches. Director Ken Shuman has kicked off every round on time and the players are enjoying the fact that they always know exactly where and when they play next as the times are pre-printed on the tournament chart. As soon as a match is finished they know how much time they have to rest before returning to the fray. 


Today is moving day. Most of the field will be eliminated and no one is looking for that early ride home. This event has more added money than any other on American soil this year and along with the heavy cash comes gorgeous crystal trophies. This is the event to win this year. The players are positive, the fans are smiling and the room is heavy with an air of expectation. We will begin the final day tomorrow with only four ladies left in the field and only six men. Everyone else will find disappointment at some point today.


Come join us!  You may follow the live scoring here and watch the live stream here. The live scoring lets you follow the action rack by rack and there are twin streams so you may watch a men's and a ladies match at the same time. 


This tournament is only a start. By combining the men with the women under the same roof and inviting the industry of billiards to participate here it is the start of a new day where the game can once again begin to grow and prosper. The tournament group is taking giant strides to formulate a rebirth of the professional game with a growing calendar of events and blossoming purses. There are new events and venues to come, but for now just enjoy this event as it is produced with spectators in mind. 


Our thanks go out to all of those who have contributed to the past history of the game and who are dedicated to elevating the sport. While this list is by no means complete we wish to tip our hat to Simonis Cloth, Predator Cues, Aramith Balls, Diamond Tables, Master Chalk, Lucasi Hybrid Cues, Tiger Products, Poison Cues, OB Cues, Seyberts, Viking Cues, the Super Billiards Expo, McDermott Cues, Fury Cues, the APA, and Mueller's Sporting Goods.