Ultimate 10-Ball Website Now Live, Prize Fund Increasing

The Ultimate 10-Ball Championships website is now live at http://www.Ultimate10Ball.com There you will find all relevant information on both the Men's and Women's events. You may also register to play in the tournaments.  The website has all of the information any player or fan needs. The Dress Code is explained, the prize fund breakdowns are clearly listed, and the Rules of Play are there as well.

The tournaments held under Ultimate 10-Ball Championships are WPA, BCA and WPBA Ranking events.  It is the richest prize fund of any event to be contested in the USA this year. It also immediately precedes the Southern Classic and is in the same venue in order that players and fans can attend two great events on a single air ticket.  It is the only Major Pro event in the United States to feature refereed matches and twin-table live streaming. It will also feature live scoring and live brackets via the Internet.

Best of all, the prize fund is growing. The current total prize fund of $171,000 has already begun going up. Within days we will begin to announce our list of additional sponsors and their contributions will take the prize fund higher and higher as 100% of all sponsor funds will be added to the players prize fund. Not a single penny of sponsor money will go towards overhead. It will all go into the prize fund and be distributed to the players. No green fees, no membership fees, nothing to add to the player's burden. The Ultimate 10-Ball Championships intends to reward the players financially and with a professionally run event that will be a pleasure for all competitors to enjoy.

Mark our dates: June 16th-20th, 2013 at the Harrah's Hotel and Casino in Tunica, Mississippi.