UMTCP Scotch Doubles Final Four

We have reached the final four in the Scotch Doubles 9-Ball portion of the University of Michigan Team Pool Championships.  Ryan Lawrence and Winston Seow (University of Michigan) are currently battling Ross Campbell and Sean Snider (University of Western Ontario) for the hotseat.  Lawrence and Seow handily sent Weigand and Mansour (Akron Gold) to the one-loss side, with a score of 7-4.  Meanwhile, Campbell and Snider took Corey Sykes and Stephen Skavarka (Virginia Tech University) to the hill.  The Hokies have been sent down to face their teammates Mike Robertson and David Mudre in the race to determine the finals of the one-loss side.

We expect the finals of the Scotch Doubles 9-Ball event to start at 6:00.

Team 8-Ball will begin this evening at 7:00.