United States Snooker Association presents “Tour Event #4 Las Vegas Cue Club”

The fourth snooker tournament of the United States Snooker Association's (USSA) 2011 season tour is scheduled to take place at the famous Las Vegas Cue Club this coming weekend April 2nd and 3rd.  This tournament is a $500 added event and will be played on two regulation size Riley's 6' x 12' snooker tables. Aramith snooker balls will be used exclusively in this competition. The entry fee is $25 and all participants, unless already registered, must submit an additional $30 registration fee payable to the USSA.  Entries will be accepted up until 11am on April 2nd with play commencing at 12 noon sharp.  For entry and all tournament information please contact Jim Wych at (702) 302-6222.