Unknown Goes Deep in US Open XXXIX

Brad Shearer

Who is this kid with the dark framed glasses?

Anybody seen this guy anywhere before?
He is playing well, where is he from?
I am sure the above statements has been said many times by the knowledgeable fans in and around the Marriot Hotel this week.
Well, his name is Brad Shearer (you probably know that already), but the following hopefully will be all new to you.
I sat down with Brad just before his 10:30 pm match on Wednesday evening to find out a little more about him.
Brad is from Raleigh, NC, and is 25 years old and started playing when he was 17 years old. He has always played out of Browns Billiards in Raleigh,  and has won a few local tournaments. His best win was when he won the “Great Southern BilliardTour” end of season Championship event in 2010.
Brad has only played the US Open once before in 2012 finishing in 33rd.
Brad, who knew that this years event would be packed with champions,  told me that he thought that he could finish as high as 7th place. That’s a statement showing tons of confidence from a young man who wants to go places.
Brad played local hero Chris Futrell Wednesday night in the 10:30 pm round on the winners side, and almost got it done losing on the hill 11-10.
My final question was whose game would you like to have, and he gave me a very interesting answer.
“Efren is my idol, so I would like his brain, but I would also like Shane’s break”
Lets wish Brad good luck in his next round on the one loss side.