UPA Announces Official Rack

PHOENIX, AZ - The United States Professional Pool Players Association (the "UPA") has recently partnered with ExecutiveBilliards.com to take on the DELTA-13 Ball Rack as the tour's official rack.

RJD Machining is a highly respected manufacturing company in Colorado, who has been producing high tolerance aerospace and medical device components for the past twenty years. They have now taken their knowledge and experience to new frontiers by "revolutionizing the billiard industry." They have developed a "state of the art" 100% aluminum ball rack which ensures that it will not warp, splinter, bend or bow. In addition, it weighs only 16 ounces and features an ergonomically designed pocket grip for more controlled and accurate placement and separation. Each corner is machined to sixty degrees, holding a tolerance of +/- 2 minutes, to ensure the tightest, most accurate rack on the market. Each rack is permanently colored using a process called anodizing, giving the triangle a very durable and unique finish - color choices include gold, black, red or blue. Another fantastic option is the ability to personalize the rack by engraving the rails with names, logos, and special occasions - perfect for tournament champions! In short, the quality is superb and establishes a new standard for amateur and professionals alike.

President of RJD Machining, Terry A. Taggart, stated "It's an honor to have our product endorsed by the UPA! This is a very impressive organization. They are really focused on quality products and what is best for advancing the billiard industry."

President of the UPA, Frank Alvarez, continued "The DELTA-13 is exactly what our touring professionals demand and we look forward to future products from RJD to hit the market."

Visit www.executivebilliards.com to learn more about the DELTA-13 Ball Rack and other exciting billiard accessories made from pure aluminum.

If you would like to learn more about the UPA organization, our website is located at www.upatour.com or to contact us directly with questions, please call (480) 353-6747