UPA Championship Winners Side Final Four

Corey Deuel

The UPA Pro Tour Championship is now down to four unbeaten players who will face off at midnight EST.

Efren Reyes will face Corey Deuel and Gabe Owen will face Danny Basavich. Reyes sent Paul Potier to the one-loss side earlier on Saturday 11-7, while Deuel won the latest match up in his rivalry with Mika Immonen 11-8. US Open Champion Gabe Owen defeated Rodney Morris 11-9 on Saturday, while Danny Basavich beat Mike Davis 11-6. Basavich has now beaten Francisco Bustamante, Santos Sambajon and Mike Davis in three straight matches.

Top players still competing on the one-loss side include Bustamante, Morris, Ralf Souquet, Johnny Archer, Sambajon, Tony Robles, Immonen and Rodolfo Luat.

Online brackets are posted and updated with match results from Saturday.

Incomplete Results:
1st $10,000
2nd $5,000
3rd $4,000
4th $3,000
5th/6th $2,400
7th/8th $1,850
9th/12th $1,350
13th/16th $900
17th/24th Charlie Williams, Neil Fujiwara, Bill Ferguson, Danny Kuykendall, Dave Hemmah, Max Eberle, Robb Saez, Charlie Bryant $400