UPA Partners With Magique Golf

PHOENIX, AZ - The United States Professional Poolplayers Association (the "UPA") announces its recent partnering with Magique Golf in an effort to encourage the growth of both sports simultaneously.  The introduction of Magique Golf to the billiard world provides a great advantage to both sports in that it brings awareness to each respective avenue in ways that it may not have otherwise.  UPA members and fans will have the special opportunity to enjoy a very closely related and entertaining pass time, golf, through a special offer provided by Magique Golf.  

Magique Golf will offer free clubs for UPA fans/members by both joining and participating in any UPA event.  The products offered include Fairway Wood, Hybrid, Wedge, or Putters, all of which come standard with steel shafts.

This award winning family of custom fit clubs has continuously provided the sport of golf top performance equipment.  "We are very happy to announce that we will be partnering with the UPA and provide our quality custom fitted golf equipment. The UPA and Magique Golf have very similar goals as we both want to educate the public about our respective sports and continually promote the overall vitality of the two sports." - Kelly Ryan - Representative, Magique Golf

If you would like to learn more about the UPA organization, our website is located at www.upatour.com or to contact us directly with questions, please call (877) 788-7227 or email info@upatour.com