Upsets abound at US Open Day Two

John Schmidt

As day two draws to a close at the 29th Annual US Open, top seeds are unexpectedly finding their way to the one loss side.

The list of top players dropping matches on Tuesday includes Tommy Kennedy, Jose Garcia, Jeremy Jones, Marcus Chamat, Shawn Putnam, Larry Nevel, Scott Frost and Santos Sambajon.

On the feature table Tuesday night, Larry Nevel came out strong but faded as John Schmidt took control of the match and ran away to an 11-5 win. Nevel led 3-1 early as it looked like Schmidt was having trouble getting the speed of the TV table down. That problem didn't last long as Schmidt took control of the match and won seven straight games for an 8-3 lead. Nevel earned rack 12 with a table run after Schmidt came up dry on the break, but then scratched on the break in rack 13 and watched as Schmidt ran another rack for a 9-5 lead. Schmidt was in cruise control by this time and didn't give Nevel much of a chance as he won the last two games. Schmidt will face either Troy Frank or Jimmy Reid on Wednesday.

The Steve Mizerak tribute scheduled for Friday has been cancelled due to Mizerak's inability to get to the event from his home in Florida. Another special event scheduled for this week, the ring game, has been moved from Wednesday to Thursday night at 9pm. No lineup is confirmed yet, but rumored competitors include Johnny Archer, Corey Deuel, Efren Reyes and Alex Pagulayan.

The feature matches for Billiard Club Network on Wednesday are not yet known, but there will be matches televised on thier online PPV at 7PM and 9PM EST.

Complete brackets are online and are continuing to be updated all week long. Also check out the online photo gallery from Carol Whiteside who is at the event.

Photo courtesy of Carol Whiteside.