Urgent Message to Top 20 Ranked US Players

Top 20 BCA Players,

I would appreciate it if you would please contact me ASAP regarding your possible participation in my Turning Stone Classic XIX 9-Ball Open August 23-26. I have only a few spots remaining and I am being bombarded with calls from people wanting to get in. I want to make sure you all have a chance to play. FYI, Turning Stone requires me to provide them with a complete list of players well in advance of the event. They are giving us a discounted room rate of $119 per night, which is LESS THAN HALF of their regular rate. Believe me when I tell you that they CAN rent these rooms for $300 + & if I don't give them more names they will start taking some of our allotted rooms back. There is nothing I can do about this! So call me either to enter or tell me you are not coming. I could lie to people and tell them I'm full and wait for you, but if I do and you enter later, you probably won't have a place to stay. Or if you don't play, I will be left with spots to fill and those players won't have a place to stay. So please do this for yourselves or as a courtesy to those players.

Thank You,
Mike Zuglan