US Open 10 Ball Continues in Las Vegas with Stream, Scoring & Brackets

The CSI US Open 10-Ball Championship has begun to see some heavyweights hit the canvas. Efren Reyes has been eliminated 9-5 by Johnny Archer and John Schmidt has been tossed to the bricks 9-8 by Jose Parica after Parica failed his chart-reading assignment and never made an appearance for his match against Sarah Rousey.

World 9-Ball champ Daryl Peach is out. Countryman Chris Melling destroyed him 9-2 and he is not the only world champ to be out. Melissa Little dropped Karl Boyes, the newly-crowned World 8-Ball champion 9-8 to end his campaign early.

The US Open 10-Ball event is produced by CSI at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. You may follow the event in several ways. The Action Report has a live stream of the show table and AZBilliards is doing both brackets and a Live Scoring Page (presented courtesy of Lucasi Hybrid Cues, Simonis Cloth and the TAP league) where you can follow every player on every table and watch the scores change rack-by-rack.

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