US Open Day Five Complete

Earl Strickland

Day five at the 29th Annual US Open is complete and the field has been thinned to just sixteen players.

On the winners side, Francisco Bustamante will face former World Champion Thorsten Hohmann in one bracket while Mika Immonen takes on Gabe Owen in the other bracket. Those matches are scheduled to happen at 7PM EST on Saturday.

On the one-loss side, Ralf Souquet will play Efren Reyes, Larry Nevel will play Ronnie Wiseman, Tyler Edey will play Earl Strickland and Chris Orme will play Eric Hjorliefson in a battle of two Canadians.

Day five had it's share of great matches all day long. Five time US Open winner Earl Strickland made his way through five opponents to keep his hopes for a record sixth title intact.

Q-Masters Billiards housepro Dave Bollman scored an impressive 11-7 win over Ralf Souquet but fell to Thorsten Hohmann 11-4 late Friday night.

Canadian Eric Hjorliefson followed up his 11-5 win over Alex Pagulayan on Thursday with a stunning 11-7 win over Johnny Archer and then defeated Buddy Hall 11-4 in his next match.

Billiard Club Network will be broadcasting matches all day Satuday as part of their online PPV package.

Online brackets are updated and photos have been added to Carol Whiteside's online photo gallery.

Photo courtesy of Carol Whiteside