US Open Day Five

Rodney Morris

Day five of the US Open 9-Ball Championship is complete and the field has not been narrowed to thirty players with eight undefeated.

The undefeated ranks hold a fair amount of surprises as both Chris Bartram and Donnie Mills remain unbeaten. Bartram will face Ralf Souquet on Friday while Mills takes on Karl Boyes. The veterans are still going strong with Rodney Morris and Kim Davenport both undefeated and facing each other on Friday. The final winners side match will see Imran Majid face Lee Van Corteza from the Philippines.

On the one loss side, twenty four players are hoping for a long Friday full of match wins leading up to Saturday's final matches. While any player left in the tournament at this point is dangerous, players are going to be paying special attention to such heavyweights as Niels Feijen, Stevie Moore, Kenichi Uchigaki, Mika Immonen, Charlie Williams, Earl Strickland, Corey Deuel, Jose Parica, Johnny Archer, Shane Van Boening and Marlon Manalo.

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