US Open Day Four Complete

Mike Immonen has looked strong all week

At the end of day four of the US Open 9-Ball Championship, we are now down to just sixteen undefeated players.

Thursday winners side matches will be...

Shane Van Boening vs Jose Parica
Mika Immonen vs Shawn Putnam
Johnny Archer vs Brandon Shuff
Daryl Peach vs Raj Hundal
Rodney Morris vs Adam Smith
Petri Makkonen vs Thorsten Hohmann
Francisco Bustamante vs Oscar Dominguez
Lee Van Corteza vs Ronnie Alcano

The one loss side is still a minefield on talent including such notables as Danny Harriman, Tony Chohan, Mike Davis, Ismael Paez, Ralf Souquet, Charlie Bryant, Shaun Wilkie, Ramil Gallego, Earl Strickland, Corey Deuel, Larry Nevel, Darren Appleton, Shannon Daulton, Charlie Williams, Marcus Chamat, Nick Varner, Tony Robles and Stevie Moore.

Follow all of the results with our online brackets and follow the matches while they are happening with our real time scoring page.