US Open Day Three Eliminations

Louis Ulrich

The Day Three Afternoon Session is complete with a handful of surprise early eliminations from the event.

The majority of the Tuesday afternoon matches were on the one loss side and that proved to be the end of the line for Louis Ulrich after an 11-2 loss to Jose Alvarez.

Tony Crosby was also eliminated by Jorge Rodriguez hill-hill. Crosby trailed badly in the match, but had come back to take a late lead. A missed 5-ball by Crosby was his final mistake in the match.

Mario Morra lost an 11-7 decision to Matt Krah, that was much closer than the score indicated. Neither player was able to forge any sizable lead until the end of the match.

Ryan McCreesh was also eliminated early on Tuesday by Sam Monday. McCreesh struggled with the lights on the TV table and could not get anything going.

Evening matches will feature winners side action including Imran Majid vs Francisco Bustamante, Shane Van Boening vs Ernesto Dominguez, Markus Juva vs Daryl Peach, Marcus Chamat vs Sylver Ochoa and Johnny Archer vs Max Eberle.

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