US Open Day Three

Corey Harper remained unbeaten on Wednesday with an 11-10 win over Tony Chohan

As day three of the 30th Annual US Open finishes up, the theme for the evening seemed to be hill-hill matches. Corey Harper, Dave Hemmah, Nick Vandenburg and Eric Moore all advanced on the winners side with hill-hill wins in evening matches on Wednesday.

Afternoon matches saw the elimination of a handful of players. The most notable names in the list of eliminations were Jonathan Hennesee, Craig Riley, Brandon Ashcraft, John Macias, and Chris Szuter.

By the end of play on Wednesday night, the winners side will be down to just 32 players. Players already advancing on Wednesday included Efren Reyes, Earl Strickland, Gabe Owen, Jose Parica, Tommy Kennedy, Charlie Williams and Keith McCready.

On tap Thursday are marquee matchups including Jose Parica vs Tommy Kennedy, Efren Reyes vs Gabe Owen and Sylver Ochoa vs Keith McCready.

Online brackets will be updated Thursday morning with all of Wednesday's final results and Diana Hoppe will arrive in Virginia on Thursday to begin our photo coverage of the event.