US Open Final Four

Earl Strickland scored a dominating 11-2 win over Tang Hoa on Saturday night

The 30th Annual US Open is now down to just four players shooting for the $40,000 first prize.

On the winners side, Jose Parica will face Alex Pagulayan and on the one-loss side Earl Strickland will face Francisco Bustamante.

Strickland has now won seven straight matches on the one-loss side to earn his spot in the Sunday matches. After his loss to Ralf Souquet, Earl beat Luc Salvas, Vilmos Foeldes, Efren Reyes, Charlie Bryant, Sylver Ochoa, Nick van den Berg and Tang Hoa.

Bustmante dropped an 11-9 match to Alex Pagulayan and came back with wins over Mika Immonen, Johnny Archer, Andreas Roshkowski, Troy Frank and Charlie Williams to get into Sunday play.

Parica followed up his win over Reyes on Friday with wins over van den Berg and Charlie Williams on Saturday, while Pagulayan defeated Troy Frank and Tang Hoa.

The eventual winner on Sunday will pocket $40,000 in prize money with second place taking home $20,000.

The fans in attendance were treated to a tribute to Steve Mizerak in between matches on Saturday that included tributes from all of the former US Open Champions and a highlight reel showing many of Mizerak's great accomplishments in the past.

The brackets are updated and the final board is now online. We also have a photo gallery from Diana Hoppe with more pics coming soon.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe