US Open Ring Game Cancelled

Due to scheduling conflicts with the US Open 9-Ball tournament bracket and other factors, the Ring Game has been officially cancelled and will not be rescheduled during this event. One major concern in determining this decision was the effect the Ring Game would have upon the players still participating in the US Open 9-Ball Championship tournament. Therefore in order to maintain the integrity of the event, the organizers feel that canceling the Ring Game will be in the best interest of those concerned.

"We regret having to cancel the event that has been is the works for months," said Barry Behrman, US Open Promoter. "The US Open tournament matches must take precedents over all other activities. We would love nothing more than to dedicate an entire evening to the Ring Game or some other entertainment, but we were presented with too many obstacles in order to make it happen."

The Ring Game was initially scheduled for Sunday night prior to the tournament beginning, but because several players that expressed desire to be in the event were participating in the World Pool Masters in Holland, the event was rescheduled for Wednesday 9/8. It was then bumped to Thursday because of tournament bracket reasons which further impacted scheduling issues.

In place of the Ring Game on Wednesday evening, Billiard Club network is producing two high profile matches for live Internet broadcast. Pay-per-view subscribers that purchased the Ring Game will receive a full refund immediately.

Parica v Archer @ 7 PM and Deuel v Reyes @ 9 will fill the void.