US Open Underway

Gabe Owen will face Larry Nevel in Round One

The 2006 US Open kicks off on Monday with a field of 219 players competing in one of the most prestigous events on US soil.

While such heavyweights as Reyes, Bustamante, Souquet and Hohmann are not present, the field is still full of top talent including Earl Strickland, Johnny Archer, Alex Pagulayan, Rodney Morris, Corey Deuel, Tony Robles, Mika Immonen, Charlie Williams, Jeremy Jones, Marcus Chamat, Ronnie Alcano and Evgeny Stalev.

Marquee matches already scheduled for the first round include Ramil Gallego vs Shane Van Boening, Robb Saez vs Joey Korsiak, Gabe Owen vs Larry Nevel, Jeremy Jones vs Antonio Gabica and John Schmidt vs Tony Chohan.

The brackets are online and will be updated all week until a winner is crowned on Sunday.