US Pro Tour Championship Final Four

Francisco Bustamante will face Mika Immonen on Sunday

The UPA's US Pro Tour Championship is now down to four players.

On the winners side, Francisco Bustamante will face Mika Immonen for the hot-seat and Johnny Archer will take on Robb Saez on the one loss side.

Archer posted an 11-4 loss to Bustamante late on Saturday and had to bounce back with an 11-9 win over Raj Hundal to keep his tournament hopes alive.

Saez lost to Archer earlier in the day and had to get by Ronnie Wiseman, Shane Van Boening and Charlie Bryant on Saturday. Not one of those matches was easy as to matches went to 11-9 and the last went to 11-10.

Online brackets are updated with all match results as of Saturday night.

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe