USA Hopefuls Make Their Mark

Emily Duddy With Some Western Flair. Foto by Emille Soriano

Manila, Philippines-   The USA has not won a women's World Championship in over 20 years. But this year American hopefuls Monica Webb, Jennifer Barretta, Mary Rakin, Angel Paglia and Emily Duddy hope to change that at The 2011 Yalin World 10-Ball Championship. The five American ladies have made some good noise so far at the event.

Monica Webb is the highest ranking American here and she has proven why. She has wins over Shin Mei Liu of Taiwan and Rubilen Amit of Philippines. Both are World Champions. She will be leading the USA charge supported by top ranking Barretta and Paglia.

Paglia has had a rough journey thus far and lost her first 3 matches. She needs two wins to have a chance. Duddy has been in similar boat. Meanwhile, Barretta.
 has had impressive wins over Korea's Erica Eunji Park 6-5 and former European Champ Latetitia Dos Sontos of France 6-3.

"9-Ball is a joke when using rack templates or anything that allows a dead corner ball. 10-Ball is such a better game. Now it comes down to playing since the break is equalized". said Barretta in her first World 10-Ball Championship. "I've been playing really well since I switched over to Lucasi Cues. It sounds cheesy, but it's true that my cue has helped alot."

When asked what USA's chances are to win the event, both Duddy and Barretta point out, " Not good." says Barretta simply. "We play pool in America, but overseas that train for pool. It's a different mentality, and something we don't have the resources for."

"I don't have grandeur thoughts. I'm realistic. Asia has support of governments. We don't. That's why I work a job", said Duddy.

"I don't have any expectations. I don't think I'm the greatest. But I have alot of heart," said Rakin, a former 2 time World Junior Champ. Rakin had a huge win over top event favorite Xiaofang Fu of China.

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